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Features and related patents
  • Since Wonpoong has focused on green technology, we have invented and obtained a patent for "INNOGREEN," the 100% recyclable and phthalate free sign media.
  • We have solved the respective drawbacks of PVC material and Polyolefin-based composite material, and have introduced the perfect green solution.
  • INNOGREEN is flexible and lightweight, and also provides high-quality printability with a smooth surface.
  • It has higher resistance to chemicals, more durability, and increased cold and weather resistance.
  • Since it is a non-PVC material, it enables mechanical recycling. Pallet-grinded INNOGREEN is reprocessed and used to form new plastic products.
PVC material

Due to the emission of endocrine-disrupting chemicals, reinforced PVC cannot be recycled in the mechanical waste stream.

Solved the drawback of PVC material
Polyolefin-based composite material

Generally, polyolefin- based composite materials have "non-polar" surfaces, thus it is impossible to paint, coat or print on them.

Solved the drawback of Polyolefin-based material
Recycling process