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Date Disclosure title Submission
2017-03-30 Outcome of Annual Shareholders` Meeting WonpoongCorporation
2017-03-21 Submission of Audit Report WonpoongCorporation
2017-03-03 Decision on Cash Dividend and Dividend in Kind WonpoongCorporation
2017-03-03 Decision on Calling Shareholders` Meeting WonpoongCorporation
2017-03-03 30% or More Change in Sales or Profit/Loss(15% or more in the case of large-scale corporations) WonpoongCorporation
2017-02-15 Response to Request for Inquired Disclosure (Significant Change in Stock Trading Activities) : Undetermined WonpoongCorporation
2017-02-14 (Warning) Possibility of 3 day-Periodic Call Auction Trading, if short-term volatility criteria is met WonpoongCorporation
2017-02-14 Request for Inquired Disclosure(Significant Change in Stock Trading Activities)(주가급등) WonpoongCorporation